Private Schools in Oakville & Burlington

Choosing Private Schools in Oakville & Burlington

Making choices for your child’s education can be a very challenging task. Just as every child is a unique individual, each school is unique in its own way. Not every school is right for every student. The right school is the school where your child will thrive. The challenge is finding the right one. To help make the right decision, ask yourself some preliminary questions:

• Is it important for the school to be single-gender or co-educational?
• Is the size of the school important to me?
• What is your goal for your child’s long-term education?
• Is university preparation a priority?
• How interested are you in providing support and time to your child in terms of homework and extra-curricular activities?
• Do the facilities and schools grounds meet your expectations?
• Do you share the school’s values and philosophy? Does the school have religious affiliations?
• Is the school’s proximity to your home important? Is transportation available?
• Is an extended-day program offered?

The Town of Oakville is a vibrant and impressive community within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) located on along the shores of Lake Ontario. Founded in 1827, it is a town with a strong heritage and is one of the most coveted residential and business centers in Ontario. It is a thriving municipality of more than 182,000 residents and provides all the advantages of a well-serviced urban centre while maintaining its small-town ambiance.

Private Schools: Oakville


At Appleby College our commitment to providing an exceptional education experience is built into everything we do – from our extraordinary curriculum to the unique opportunities we provide to our students in grades 7 to 12. Fascinating minds since 1911, we offer an exceptional learning environment on a 60-acre lakefront campus that helps foster development by blending academic excellence, athletic achievement and creative expression with opportunities for leadership and community engagement both inside and outside the classroom.
Co-educational by design, Appleby’s 725 students learn from one another in the classroom, during co-curricular activities and by simply sharing the Appleby experience. We encourage students to discover and embrace their passions, whether in the classroom, on the stage, in the gym or on international service projects. Respecting different perspectives is a key component of our global outlook. Widely recognized for our commitment to global responsibility and education, our students come from more than 30 countries, creating a unique learning environment that helps foster the sharing of diverse ideas, cultures and perspectives.
One of the many unique aspects of the Appleby community is our mandatory Grade 12 boarding requirement. During this time students learn more about themselves as they grow together in a community while contributing to residential life on campus, and at the same time, develop the responsibility and skills to assist with the transition from high school to university. Through our extensive guidance program more than 90 per cent of Appleby graduates advance to their first university of choice.

Appleby College
540 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, Ontario L6K 3P1
(905) 845-4681



Chisholm Academy High School is a traditional, private, full time secondary school, characterized by small classes and a unique flexible, individualized approach to student learning. We believe that most students can be successful when a realistic educational plan is developed and when the implementation of the plan includes individual academic and personal accommodations or strategies. As a Ministry of Education Inspected Private School, Chisholm Academy offers a wide range of approved courses.
Students who need academic upgrading and assistance or a small class environment, and those who require strategies to overcome a learning disability all find a place at Chisholm. Working closely with the Psychology Department and with the teaching faculty, the professional staff at Chisholm Academy develops personalized educational plans based on individual needs and goals.
Students are offered a full complement of academic, applied and essential level courses preparing them for university, college or the work place; class sizes are small. However, our flexible schedule allows students the opportunity to customize their high school experience by taking individualized credits. This ability to design individualized programs, based on a student’s educational and learning profile, is a unique component of the Chisholm high school experience.
Parental contact is actively encouraged and is a key component of success at Chisholm. Through constant communication, we work together to help our students achieve academic and personal success.

Chisholm teachers employ the latest in learning technology. Every classroom is equipped with a Smart Board; inter-connectivity between students and teachers is maintained through LinQ and Smart Synch technologies.

Chisholm Academy
1484 Cornwall Road, Oakville, Ontario L6J 7W5
(905) 844-3240



Clanmore Montessori School provides the finest quality, authentic Montessori environments for children ages 18 months to 15 years. Clanmore responds to and inspires each individual child academically, intellectually, socially and emotionally. Through experiential learning and the use of didactic materials, Clanmore meets the needs of different learning styles and is able to ensure that each child is suitably challenged. To complement its academically rigourous curriculum, Clanmore also offers an exceptional social curriculum and innovative co-curricular programming.
Housed in a beautifully restored historic farm house, Clanmore borders on Joshua’s Creek Conservation Area in south east Oakville. In 2013, Clanmore Montessori School opened a custom designed, environmentally progressive building to complement the existing school. The expansion seamlessly connects the indoor and outdoor environments.
With low student to teacher ratios and a highly qualified caring staff, the atmosphere is warm and inclusive. As the children are together with others of different ages, a feeling of family life prevails. A respect for the rights, dignity and integrity of each person who is part of its community is an essential tenant of Clanmore’s school philosophy, and Clanmore families and their children have a true feeling of belonging.
Clanmore prides itself on its ability to unlock the individual potential in each of its students. At Clanmore Montessori School, your children are known, understood and supported for the unique individuals they are.

Clanmore Montessori
2463 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville, Ontario L6J 1M7
(905) 337-8283


DEARCROFT Casa – Grade 8

Dearcroft offers Montessori programs from Preschool to Grade 8. Located on a magnificently wooded, historic estate in Old Oakville, Dearcroft is situated just steps from beautiful lakeside parks. Our school is accredited by CCMA (Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators) and is staffed by qualified, experienced and highly motivated teachers. Since 1968, Dearcroft has provided inspiration, opportunity and educational challenge within a nurturing, supportive environment, promoting maximum growth and development. Operating for nearly 45 years, Dearcroft is also home to the West Wind Montessori Junior High program. West Wind is Canada’s award-winning leader in elementary experiential education. We offer outdoor education, including a three-year rotation of winter trips to Temagami, Algonquin Park and Ottawa/Quebec City. For 15 years, our unique Expedition Education program has taken groups of our students coast-to-coast, exploring spectacular world heritage sites and national parks in Canadian locations as diverse as the Yukon and Newfoundland. As much a neighborhood school, as a school with a national vision, Dearcroft is a proven leader within our educational community. Extended learning opportunities also include MMUN (Montessori Model United Nations) conferences held at U.N headquarters in New York, as well as Smartboard and Harkness table instruction on our campus, provides globally inspired curriculum in optimally sized classroom environments. View our websites today and make an appointment to visit us. We invite you to discover the exciting educational opportunities at Dearcroft . . . Oakville’s original Montessori school.

Dearcroft Montessori School & West Wind Montessori Jr. High
1167 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville, Ontario L6J 1L3
(905) 844-2114


GLENBURNIE Preschool – Grade 8

Students thrive at Glenburnie School! Our passionate educators make the difference. Glenburnie is recognized for its progressive, flexible approach to educating the whole child, meeting the academic and social needs of each child in a stimulating, challenging learning environment.
At Glenburnie, an enriched, broad-based educational experience is provided for all students. Glenburnie’s strong, academic curriculum is integrated with extensive Arts (music, movement, visual arts and drama classes), sports, and technology instruction. Students are growing up in a fast paced, technological world and the ‘end result’ of our curriculum studies is the development of 21st Century skills. These skills include critical thinking and analytical skills, leadership, emotional intelligence awareness, oral and written communication skills, economics and global awareness. Development of these skills, combined with self-reliance, achievement, and adaptability provide a firm foundation to effectively prepare students to become effective leaders in tomorrow’s world.
Students are encouraged to achieve to their maximum potential in an environment in which personal initiative and responsibility are highly valued. Each student is recognized as an individual with a unique background of experiences and talents. Classrooms are viewed as creative workplaces, where students are supported and encouraged to apply new concepts and ideas in practical applications. Student creativity, innovation, and progress are celebrated. Students gain confidence in their developing skills, which in turn influence their sense of self-worth. When a learning environment is creative, stimulating, and challenging, exciting things happen!

  • Full School Facilities – Before and After School Supervision
    * Extensive Clubs and Intramural/Varsity Sports

Glenburnie School

2035 Upper Middle Road East, Oakville, Ontario L6H 7G6
(905) 338-6236



King’s Christian Collegiate has earned a widespread reputation for offering superb instruction in a welcoming culture of respect and opportunity. Teaching is delivered in a distinctly caring manner consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. Consequently, King’s students are eager to achieve deep understanding within each subject area, from visual and theatre arts to music, literature, history, mathematics, science, business, Biblical studies and beyond. An atmosphere of collegiality and innovation pervades the bright, open campus, where students are encouraged towards excellence.
A robust sports program is enhanced by an artificial-turf field, while a 4000-square foot music conservatory, an expansive art studio, a beautiful library and a soaring atrium provide prime learning and gathering spaces. Two significant theatre productions, themed concerts and art gallery experiences anchor the performing arts calendar. Woven into the fabric of life at King’s are service and cultural discovery trips to destinations such as Indonesia, Europe, New Zealand, Ghana, Israel and the Dominican Republic.

Each year, King’s teachers receive 60 hours of instruction on integrating teaching skills for the diverse learner of today’s culture, resulting in an exemplary skilled team keenly focused on every student’s success. Each year, King’s is among the top performing schools in Ontario on the standardized literacy test. More than 95% of King’s graduates continue their studies at universities of their choice, from McGill to McMaster, UBC, Queen’s or the University of Toronto, often on substantial scholarships. Parents and students, teachers and alumni agree that a King’s education is a life transforming experience.

King's Christian Collegiate

528 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Oakville, Ontario L6M 4K6
(905) 257-5464


MACLACHLAN Preschool – Grade 12

Housed in an historic mansion in Old Oakville, MacLachlan is a well-established school from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. As one of Ontario’s finest independent schools, the college enjoys a solid reputation for academic achievement. MacLachlan was founded in 1978 on the vision of a school that embraces solid concepts of academic excellence within a stimulating, dynamic environment that nurtures the joy of learning. Always raising the bar on excellence, MacLachlan is accredited as an IB World School, the only private school in Oakville with this prestigious designation.
The International Baccalaureate is one of the world’s most rigorous and highly esteemed education programs and as such IB schools are inspected on a regular basis to ensure adherence to standards of excellence. MacLachlan prides itself on providing superior academics in a warm and welcoming environment. Small class settings, averaging 14 students in Lower School and 18 in Upper School, render MacLachlan the school of choice for parents who seek excellence in education. MacLachlan is accredited by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools Canada (CAIS) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) and a member of the Conference of Independent Schools, Ontario (CIS).
MacLachlan College program highlights include:
IB World School Primary Years program
Advanced Placement courses
Everest Centre—Enhanced Learning Modules
Interactive SmartBoards, ipads
National/international debating
Cultural service and adventure travel
Choir and band competitions
Duke of Edinburgh program
Bussing and before-and after-school program
Varsity and Intramural Sports
Founding member PSAA

MacLachlan College

337 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario L6J 3H3
(905) 844-0372



Welcome to Oakville Christian School (OCS)! Our mission is “Nurturing Excellence in a Christ-centred Academic Environment”. Over the past 29 years, OCS has experienced increasing success, combining Christian faith development with high academic standards.
Oakville Christian School has a vibrant academic program that exceeds Ontario Ministry guidelines with programs in Athletics, French, Music and Art. Following the research-based School-wide Enrichment Model, OCS provides challenging high-end learning that is enjoyable for everyone. Our learning environment is supported by Smart Board technology, a computer lab, a mobile laptop lab and two dedicated computers in every classroom. All students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of different sports, and OCS competitive teams have developed a high reputation for outstanding sportsmanship and skills in tournaments. Students are also given excellent opportunity for leadership activities among other students. In addition, participation in musical performances, drama, chapel presentations, interest clubs and community service provides students with the growth necessary to develop academically, physically, spiritually and socially.
Families are attracted to the school because of the Christian environment, high academic standards, strong sense of community and the highly professional, experienced and dedicated teaching staff. Our reputation has grown through word-of-mouth as a result of family satisfaction, student well-being and graduate success in high school and beyond.

Oakville Christian School

112 Third Line, Oakville, Ontario L6L 3Z6
(905) 825-1247


ROTHERGLEN Casa – Grade 8

Rotherglen is a co-educational, non-denominational community of private independent schools for students in Casa (age 2-1/2) to Grade 8. With two campuses in Oakville,  we offer learning environments which foster excellence in education, character and leadership programs, an enriched curriculum and differentiated teaching and learning experiences designed to engage each students’ unique learning style.
Our primary school program (Casa to Grade 3) is firmly rooted in Montessori principles, while incorporating an enhanced Ontario curriculum. This provides a solid foundation for our Grade 4 -8 program which transitions into an enriched, progressive style of learning.
Our campuses offer state-of-the-art facilities, highly-trained teachers, warm, nurturing and engaging classrooms, safe and secure playgrounds, specialized classrooms and a multitude of learning materials.
When we ask our families to describe Rotherglen in one word, the most frequent answer is nurturing. We pride ourselves on being a warm, safe, vibrant and inclusive school community and welcome you to explore our website to learn more about why Rotherglen is, quite simply, what school should be.
Situated on a naturally wooded six-acre property at the corner of Upper Middle Road and Neyagawa Boulevard, Rotherglen School provides a peaceful setting in the heart of North Oakville. Rotherglen’s Oakville Elementary Campus backs on to the picturesque Sixteen Mile Creek and Oakville’s Heritage Trail System.
The Elementary Campus provides programming for students in Casa (JK & SK) to Grade 8. Being primarily an elementary school, positions in our Casa program are reserved for students who have siblings enrolled in Grades 1 – 8.
The Oakville Primary Campus was established in 1988 as a co-educational, non-denominational Montessori school. It remains a close-knit school and is located in a charming building, fondly referred to as the “yellow school.”  For more than 25 years, Rotherglen has nurtured our student’s intellectual curiosity and exploration, providing a foundation for life-long learning. We are also pleased to offer a new Half-Day Plus program with extended hours to our morning and afternoon programs. All half day students have the opportunity to participate in our popular lunch/recess program.
Of course, there is no substitute to visiting and meeting with teachers and students. After all, seeing is believing! Please, take the time to come and see for yourself why Rotherglen is What School Should Be. We look forward to welcoming you.

Rotherglen School

Oakville Elementary Campus

2050 Neyagawa Boulevard, Oakville, Ontario L6H 6R2

Oakville Primary Campus

2045 Sixth Line
Oakville, Ontario L6H 1X9


ST. MILDRED’S-LIGHTBOURN Preschool to Grade 12

For well over 120 years, St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School has been providing the educational journey of a lifetime for girls and young women. 
SMLS is renowned as one of the premier independent schools in the country, recognized for our caring and nurturing environment, our outstanding faculty, our innovative programs and our wonderful facilities. Our graduates go on to post-secondary study locally and globally, and during their journeys, they thrive and make a difference, because they are confident young women who know they can do anything.
SMLS’ strong academic program is designed specifically for the way girls learn, based on scientific research on girls’ unique learning needs, as delineated by numerous studies and current brain research.  SMLS is not just a school without boys. In a recent study, Myra and David Sadker stated: “girls in single-sex school have higher self-esteem, are more interested in non-traditional subjects such as science and math, and are less likely to stereotype jobs and careers. They are intellectually curious, serious about their studies and achieve more.” Our teachers instill in their students curiosity and a love of lifelong learning; our curriculum addresses real-world issues important to humanity; our students are encouraged to think outside the box and work collaboratively using technology and multimedia to study local, national and global issues; our lessons are structured with meaningful cross-disciplinary integration of core subjects, and instruction is differentiated to ensure success for all students.
SMLS provides 21st century education to meet the needs of our dynamic and ever-changing modern world.  With our state-of-the-art athletic and fitness facility, performance studio theatre and visual arts centre, students experience enriched programming. In spring of 2011, we opened our environmentally-friendly new wing, which further enhances our offerings.
SMLS offers Advanced Placement courses in Art History, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, French, Literature & Composition, Mandarin, Psychology (eLearning), Physics, Studio Art, as well as SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) preparation. In addition, focused support is provided for the achievement of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program and FIRST LEGO League/FIRST Robotics programs.
Come experience for yourself the educational journey of HER lifetime!

St. Mildred's-Lightbourn School

1080 Linbrook Road, Oakville, Ontario L6J 2L1
(905) 845-2386


WILDWOOD ACADEMY  Grade 2 – Grade 8

At Wildwood Academy, a dedicated group of highly trained and certified teachers believe that every child can learn. Our warm and nurturing environment, blended with specialized programming, ensures that all types of learners have the opportunity to succeed.
Our goal is to develop well-balanced students who embrace learning and build strong character. Wildwood Academy encourages children to become the best they can be by promoting academic, social, emotional, and physical growth through the combined efforts of the teachers, parents, and students. Small class sizes, highly trained, dedicated teachers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of children, and a strong research-based curriculum such as Direct Instruction, are features that uniquely define our school.
We welcome new families to visit our school and learn how our programs can offer children with unique learning styles the opportunity to realize their potential!
Wildwood Academy is truly – a place where every child can learn!

Wildwood Academy

2250 Sheridan Garden Drive, Oakville, Ontario L6J 7T1
(905) 829-4226

Private Schools in Burlington

Burlington is widely recognized as a great Canadian city. Not only do 95 per cent of Burlington residents rate their quality of life as excellent or good, but MoneySense magazine has named Burlington the best mid-sized city in Canada and the third best city of any size for 2013.

Private Schools: Burlington


Average Class Size: 6 to 8
Enrolment: Day: Varies (Gr. 5-12)
Blyth Academy Burlington is a private school for Grade 5-12 students. We focus on personalized education, very small class sizes, and experiential learning. This unique approach to education has met with enthusiastic response and success among students and parents. Our Burlington campus is located within the Burloak Sports Centre. In addition to the complete Blyth academic program, the Burlington campus offers Advanced Sports Training for athletes in partnership with Conacher Athletics.
Blyth Academy Burlington is a private Academic/Sports day school in Burlington, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades 5 to 12 with enrolment of day students. Blyth Academy Burlington has an average class size of 6 to 8 students and has a tuition cost $8,970 to $12,995 per year. This private school does not require students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.

952 Century Drive, Burlington, Ontario. L7L 5P2
(905) 637-0346 


Average Class Size: Varies
Enrolment: Day 115 (Gr. PS-6)

Our focus is to provide students, age 2-12, with a stimulating and academically challenging education that is deeply committed to the Montessori principles, so that they may reach their full potential with integrity and trust. Our extremely motivated and experienced faculty nurture each child's talents and encourage the development of the whole person. Combined with specialized French, Music, Visual Arts, and Phys. Ed. programs, students are exposed to a wealth of interesting and immense learning.
Fairview Glen Montessori is a private Montessori day school in Burlington, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades PS to 6 with enrolment of 115 day students. Fairview Glen Montessori has varied class sizes and has a tuition cost $8,600 to $13,900 per year. This private school requires students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.

3508 Commerce Court, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3L7 –
(905) 634-0781



Average Class Size: 16 to 19
Enrolment: Day 180 (Gr. PS-8)

Fern Hill School Burlington encourages intellectual curiosity, leadership skills and confidence. Our highly trained and subject-specific teachers provide an accelerated and personalized curriculum to our students. Our academic core subjects are complimented with French and Mandarin (beginning in Pre School), and Vocal Music, Band, Drama and Athletics. The stunning 22-acre Burlington campus offers an engaging educational environment that is reflected in our unique Field Studies program.
Fern Hill School - Burlington is a private Academic day school in Burlington, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades PS to 8 with enrolment of 180 day students. Fern Hill School - Burlington has an average class size of 16 to 19 students and has a tuition cost $17,500 to $19,700 per year. Founded in 1982, this private school requires students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.

801 North Service Road, Burlington, Ontario L7P 5B6  


Average Class Size: 16 to 18
Enrolment: Day 100 (Gr. JK-8)

School Motto - Nurturing Young Minds. Our belief is that an exciting, challenging curriculum, combined with a supportive, nurturing educational environment enhances the student's ability to develop the positive attitude "I can do it!" We encourage and support our students to achieve to their fullest potential. Our commitment is to foster the development of academic excellence, confident children, life long learners, creative analytical thinkers, and skilled problem solvers.
Glenn Arbour Academy is a private Academic day school in Burlington, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades JK to 8 with enrolment of 100 day students. Glenn Arbour Academy has an average class size of 16 to 18 students and has a tuition cost $12,600 per year. Founded in 2005, this private school requires students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.
5051 Mainway, Burlington, Ontario, L7L 5H9
(905) 592-1200



Average Class Size: 15 to 22
Enrolment: Day 180

The Halton Waldorf School offers an education that inspires a lifelong love of learning. Our school is located on five forested acres in Burlington and has been designed to support the goals of Waldorf education: to provide an opportunity for students to engage in their learning and to fully develop their individual capacities. By integrating arts and academics, the Waldorf curriculum responds to the developmental needs of the child, focussing not only on what children learn, but how they learn.
Halton Waldorf School is a private Waldorf/Arts day school in Burlington, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades Nursery to 8 with enrolment of 180 day students. Halton Waldorf School has an average class size of 15 to 22 students and has a tuition cost $2,660 to $11,995 per year. Founded in 1984, this private school does not require students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.
2193 Orchard Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 3X5



Average Class Size: 4 to 10
Enrolment: Day 35 (Gr. PS-8)
As industry leaders since 2004, this innovative education environment, provides the “Missing Link” in education. MLA incorporates clinically proven ABA methodologies, combined with Ministry of Ontario curriculum. Classes are taught by Ontario Certified teachers, with experience and training in ABA. MLA individualizes for students, targets deficits, specializes in academics, behaviour management, life & social skills. Contact us to discover why Missing Links is the "Missing Link" in autism education.
Missing Links Academy is a private Alternative/Special needs day school in Burlington, Ontario. The school offers programs for grades PS to 8 with enrolment of 35 day students. Missing Links Academy has an average class size of 4 to 10 students and has a tuition cost $24,500 to $38,500 per year. Founded in 2004, this private school does not require students to wear uniforms and the language of instruction is English.
2317 Fairview Street
Suite 500
Burlington, Ontario